UHF RFID Based Employee Tracking System

Real-time location intelligence helps organizations to have a smart employee tracking using passive UHF RFID technology. Hexahash has developed and implemented a patented UHF passive RFID based employee tracking system which helps many organizations to track, monitor and manage workforces more effectively than ever.

An effective workforce monitoring system is much needed in every organization, especially construction, infrastructure and manufacturing industries where multiple laborers engaged in various activities at different locations.Though every organization has check-in/checkout of employees in the work area using attendance management devices, which is not sufficient for them to monitor the workforce within the work locations.

It will be difficult to track employees if an organization has bigger campus, multi floor-multi wing high rise buildings or large work areas as such in manufacturing, construction, coffee estate or infrastructure industries.Keeping track of personnel, especially in remote or hazardous areas, can be extremely challenging, yet is critical for safety and efficiency of workforce.

HexaRTLS provides a very cost-effective, end-to-end passive UHF RFID solution for personnel tracking that leverages network communications, allowing organizations to enhance the safety, security and productivity of their workers. HexaRTLS offers complete traceability and visibility of onsite personnel with real-time locating information of employees to ensure safety, time, attendance and traceability.

There are three components integrated to an RFID, RTLS based employee tracking system, comprising of the UHF passive tags, the reader and antenna as well as the software, which links the employee information in the digital world. The tags send the unique id of the employees once it’s triggered by a reader. Hexahash provides a unique integrated RTLS system which includes passive HF, passive UHF, NFC and BLE enabled multi-tag which gives real-time precise location information of the personnel

Hexahash’s Combo-tag has HF as well as UHF RFID chips, which help organizations to use their existing attendance systems to work along with our real-time locating system to find employees where abouts precisely. Passive HF helps the organization to record an employees check-in/checkout times for daily attendance while UHF RFID tracks and monitors employees in real-time. Companies can have best of both worlds to improve workforce optimization in their facility.

Features of HexaRTLS Employee Tracking System:

Locate employees/visitors from long distance without presenting ID Cards which avoids long queue
Provide real-time employee location information, visibility and tracking
Enforce company-specific, business-specific rules
Send automatic alerts
Record history of personnel moving in and around your premises/work areas
Alert workers and managers if workers enter a hazardous area
Instantly locate a worker for assistance, safety and security
Setup automated alerts, notifications
Create geofences
Add Employees, Assets, tools in a single RTLS system
Track hours
Supplement Access control systems
Create dashboard views and personalized reports
Low cost among any other RTLS system in the world
No recurring maintenance for the RFID devices

How is the employee tracking data displayed?

HexaRTLS RFID personnel tracking system displays each tag location as an overlay on a map of your production/construction or business site. Every tag is represented as a moving, colored dot with relevant information above it such as employee id, name and other company specific information. This allows users to see at a glance where employees are located real-time and which direction they are moving towards as well as whether employee activities are in motion or static.

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Our next generation RTLS solution captures real-time data from assets, machines, equipment and people which turn them into actionable insights.