Precise Real-Time Location Tracking for Assets & Employees

Know exactly where your assets or peoples and know where its moving
Stay on top of Real-Time Location Information on anything

Automated Tool Tracking System

Know about your employees or objects real-time. Is that in it’s allocated space, does this moved from its own location to another location? Easily located foreign assets/persons in any location and take operational decision on time from anywhere.

RFID RTLS System For HealthCare

Our integrated real-time location systems (RTLS) uses Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE)  Beacons, UHF RFID, HF RFID and NFC technologies which rapidly achieve ROI for our clients in healthcare, construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, retail and other industries. HexaRTLS’s cloud-based RTLS solution provides superior accuracy, requires minimal hardware and comes with the lowest Total Cost of Ownership [TCO] in the market today, making it the most cheaper and better solution

Floor Analysis

Analyse employees real-time availability in specific floor, plant or room. Monitor in and out timings, duration of availability in work spots and floor movement analysis. A single mapping window provides employees and asset details visually

Plug & Play RFID

A right out of the box solution which makes RTLS solution a true plug-and-play for industries. Our industry specific Kit includes required hardware, software and tags. You can order RFID, NFC, BLE separately or in combination of any.

Single Architecture

HexaRTLS is a low cost, hardware agnostic solution that is fast and easy to implement. A single & scalable infrastructure which allows for employee tracking, asset tracking, indoor location, proximity marketing and analytics

HexaRTLS Health Care Solutions

Medical Equipment Tracking

Medical Equipment Movement Tracking is no more an issue and its location information available immediately using HexaRTLS RFID Solution

Hospital Inventory Management

RFID inventory control solution provides accurate management of the hospital supply chain which reduces costs in clinical inventory management and quick ROI

Surgical Instruments Tracking

Accurately and automatically track usage of medical supplies in the operating room, emergency department, catheterization lab and ICU with the help of HexaTrack RFID Solution

Medication Management

HexaTrack RFID solutions eliminates manual counting and item level scanning. Ensure right pharmaceutical inventory at all time with passive RFID

Patient Flow Management

Patient Flow Management system offers cutting edge technology to streamline and improve ER performance by providing real-time visibility of patients, staff and equipment, and the interaction between them.

Monitor Patient Wandering

The system provides various health care and senior living facilities with a reliable and efficient tool to monitor patients and/or residents from wander away and to address resident safety policies

Infant Safety Management

The state-of-the-art Infant Abduction Prevention module is designed to give your security  managers, parents and hospital management a peace of mind. It works as a personal guard for the tiny bundles of joy using the latest in RFID technology.

Patient & Staff Location

Eliminate lost man-hours, Increase safety of patients and staff, improve patient flow and workflow. Find colleagues, doctors or patients in seconds with 3 feet accuracy anywhere in a hospital. Utilise invaluable analytical location big data to improve patient flow.

Patient Fall Alerts

This is a very unique feature of HexaRTLS. If a patient fall anywhere in the hospital, an alert will get displayed immediately informing staff who, when, where. The alert will stay displayed across the screens until a caregiver is with that patient

HexaRTLS Application in Other Industries


HexaRTLS tracks all your Manufacturing challenges, including Work-in-Progress to the finished goods, using RFID and RTLS. HexaRTLS delivers value and control for product lifetime traceability, material management and replenishment, asset tracking, warehousing, and yard management processes.


From managing an auto service shop all the way to the auto manufacturing facility, HexaRTLS offers twelve solutions for the automotive industry. These solutions utilize the latest RFID and IoT technologies, and are designed to bring you unprecedented efficiency and real-time tracking capabilities.

Personnel Tracking

RFID Employee Tracking System offers complete visibility of employee movements in an industry,plant/office. It provides automatic logging at entry/exit gates, tracking of employees at various location and logging of their availability in each location with extensive business intelligence analysis

Asset Tracking

A proven asset tracking solution provides complete control over assets. You will have what and where status of your equipments in real-time. Our system increases asset utilization and improves business processes. By Integrating with ERP application, it provides complete accountability and accuracy in asset management

Tool Tracking

Next Generation Tool Tracking RFID solution bring complete control over tools movement within manufacturing plants, warehouses and stores. Equipped with passive UHF RFID tags, your tools are identified, inventoried and located in real time. HexaTrack suitable to every industrial applications.


Healthcare facilities to know where its patients, staff and equipment are at any particular moment, allowing them to quickly be located even in the largest hospitals or campuses. Hexa RTLS system allows you to locate patients, staff,equipment and track patient movement and establish geo-fencing


HexaRTLS significantly simplifies logistics and warehousing operations by efficiently tracking parts and finished goods from the factory, through the warehouse, and to the customer, while seamlessly interfacing with inventory, warehouse management, asset tracking and integrate with ERP applications

Jewelry Tracking

HexaHash revolutionize inventory management and traceability in the diamond & jewellery industry, to help you manage your business with total confidence and complete control. We provide RFID RTLS Solutions for Automated Inventory control & real-time visibility management for retail industries

Scalable RFID RTLS solutions for global businesses

Real-Time Locating System [RTLS] solutions provide organizations a greater visibility, increased efficiency, improved productivity and decision making. HexaRTLS uses passive RFID system which provides least cost effective RTLS solution compared to any other system. Our RTLS solution provides superior accuracy, excellent product support with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) in the market today, making it a Better, Cost Efficient RFID RTLS Solution in the world


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